The Fallen Mask – Midnight Musings (#4)

I wrote this poem to confront my own lack of courage and feeling like a failure. Putting those feelings into words helped me realise that, I had to stick with my current path for just over a year and then, I can explore other avenues of adventures in my life. But, when I wrote this, I was a complete disappointment to myself.

And, I think many people can relate to that feeling: when you know you have to just let go of something, but you just can’t. The reasons may be legitimate but you still feel a sense of anticlimax. This is for all those depressing times.

We don’t have to always have optimistic views, we can also pen down sadness. It helps process our abstract feelings in a tangible form.

I am a coward
Living a miserable life
Doing nothing to mend this strife

Quitting is an option
But - will this pass as a motion?
Wondering through the night
What if I end it outright?

But - the coward that I am
Unbearable though this might be
I am a useless skittish midget
Who does nothing but fidget.

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