La La Land – To those fools who dream!

The beauty of cinema lies in its ability to capture and visualize the needs and depths of human nature. The formidable task is made simpler and more effective by the use of hauntingly beautiful music that gives the picture the breath of life. I realised this when I watched La La Land, a breathtakingly beautiful movie by Damien Chazelle. His last movie, Whiplash made me realise I liked and appreciated music that brought tears to my eyes. La La land’s theme is sufficient to reinforce this feeling. City of Stars is an enchanting piece of music that grinds up a whole gamut of emotions inside me. It gives one the feeling of levitating in the sky, at the same time grounding you with its raw melancholy. The movie enthrals you with its cinematography. You feel whatever the protagonist feels: hope, fear, despair, happiness, shock. The movie makes you think. What are we really after or what are our dreams? Is it the career we want, the position in life we desire, or simply love from someone else? Is it possible to obtain all the three? What are our limits? What sacrifices do we make to be who we are; to get to where we are? Is it worth it? All of us ponder these questions from time to time but which one of us gets it right? Only time will tell.

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P.S.: Yayyyy!!!! You are here:) Thank you for reading my first ever blogpost. This is a new journey that I am embarking on and I hope you liked this piece as much as I loved writing it. A huge shout out to one of my best friends Sindhu Paramasivam for sponsoring this blog and for her endless enthusiasm and support in making my dreams come true. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart ❤


One thought on “La La Land – To those fools who dream!

  1. It was wonderful reading though this blog. Wanted us to watch movie through your eyes. Way to go girl. Friends to eternity are rare, you have one such Sindhu,treature her.

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